Who’s Got Time For a Garage Sale? I Don’t

Who’s Got Time For a Garage Sale? I Don’t and You Probably Don’t Either

But how about making hundreds of dollars each month til you’ve sold through any excess you have in your home, your garage or your shed. “Sell through so much stuff, your kids think they’re next.” Dave Ramsey
First, where to sell – My personal favorite is OfferUp. LetItGo sounds very similar. Not sure why but at least in my area, what I list on OfferUp sells faster than any of the other selling apps I’ve tried.

Second, what to sell – Clothing, decorations (especially if you’re nearing the holiday, not after the holiday), tools, toys, furniture, sporting equipment, clothing racks, foosball table, etc. I listed my old motorcycle helmet for $40 and half an hour later someone was here buying it.
I’ve sold this past summer alone just over $2000 from my garage. It’s cleared out space so my kids now have an additional area to play. Rarely was I home for the transaction.
I’d leave the item(s) on my front step and the person would leave the cash under the welcome mat. (The one time the transaction didn’t go well was when someone took an $8 baby bike seat and didn’t pay me.) Other than that, it all went as planned, and I didn’t even have to be home for the transactions (obviously that only works if you feel comfortable with that arrangement.)
Additionally, selling teen style current clothing worked out great at Plato’s Closet – especially if you do it on a weekday other than Friday, the wait times are quicker. They pay in cash or store credit.
Also, I’ve been going through boxes of books in my garage from my husband’s first Bachelor’s degree he got over 17 years ago. Amazon has paid me for a number of those books. Go to Amazon Trade In, type in the ISBN from the textbook, book or video game you wish to sell to Amazon. If Amazon will buy it from you, they will quote you a price and send you the postage paid form for you to print. You drop off the book in an envelope/package with the pre-paid postage form attached at your local UPS or schedule a pick up and you get paid! Cha ching!
This garage declutter project is still a work in progress, but selling on apps like OfferUp and on sites like Amazon Trade In has made it easier than ever.

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