When You Feel Your Budget Is No Fun….

When You Feel a Budget Is No Fun….

A budget, especially a budget being used to get a person out of debt, is a motivational and educational tool to encourage spending less, saving more and stretching each dollar.

A budget will lead you to financial freedom. More money coming in than going out. Living below your means. And at times, the goal is so in the forefront of your mind that you can taste it, you can feel the imminent freedom, you can plan how you’ll live differently when you’re living free of debt slavery.

But there are other moments you might forget the goal or it might seem a long way off. It might feel like life is a whole lot of “no”. No, we can’t get the pricier steaks, no we can’t get that car as we haven’t saved up enough for it, no we can’t get the more expensive dining set and instead have to go search Craigs List for an offer. In those moments of exhaustion or discouragement, when it all feels like too much effort, rest. (You’ll regret emotional spending. Channel your exhaustion in non-budget-sabotaging ways.)

Rest. Take a moment. Drink a glass of water. Better yet go for a walk. If you’re embarking on this journey with a loved one or your child, go for a walk with that person and remind each other why you’re doing what you’re doing. Remind each other why you began this project in the first place, what your goals and financial dreams are.

And again, rest.  You can do this! Your enthusiasm and passion for the project will come and go, but the objective reality is, you can do this, and this project is worth doing. And we’re all here to encourage you. Keep at it!

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Living debt free is possible!

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