What If The Way You Shop for Groceries Could Change Your Life?

Food, food, forgettable food spending…

And how to CHANGE that today! Eat better, save better, and maybe even travel better! Read on.
Food can be forgettable or unforgettable – either way it can be kept within budget!

I’ve blogged incessantly about SAVING money, because it has literally CHANGED my life! We just went to Rome as a family of six! Now we’re planning a trip to Paris next! Cash flowed trips. Debt free! What would *you* do with $1000/month more saved on food alone? For us, the answer was a definite, “put towards retirement, build savings, give to two charities which matter most to us and TRAVEL (or make memories) as a family!”

We got sloppy with how much we were spending on food. We were spending $1500/month for our family of six in southern California.
We reeled that in MAJORLY. Last month we spent $233!
Food can be forgettable, as in the overpriced deli meat that I make sandwiches with won’t be remembered a week later. But food can be very unforgettable, and this is especially true around holidays. Food can add to the magic, memories and traditions of any season, and that is precious to me. The good news – either way is it can be done on a BUDGET!

Our local news station here in San Diego is doing a series called Making It in San Diego, and I got to do some interviews with them on just HOW we did this.

Watch one of the interviews here.

Recently I did a Facebook Live interview with Kalyna Astrinos at the ABC 10News studio, and it was exciting to SHARE these tips that have worked so well for us!

Where to start in saving MONEY on groceries?

One big change which sounds so small revolves around One Question:
Don’t ask “what do we WANT for dinner” but ask “what do we HAVE for dinner”?
We stopped eating out, especially my husband at lunch at work. He started bringing coffee to work with him in a thermos (that keeps his coffee hot all day) and a travel mug.
Also, One Call – We CALLED our local grocer to find out what time of day meat, produce and bakery items are clearanced.

We shop closer to that time of day when possible. I recommend this style of cutting grocery spending as it’s also a time saver for me. I can take two quick trips in and out of the grocery store each week and yet be spending $1,000 less on our monthly food budget.

Eat well, and keep the savings for something more UNFORGETTABLE than a spending spree on GROCERIES. 😀
Find GREAT ideas on how to save and MAKE (I paid off my student loans by selling clothing on eBay as a stay at home mom) money at SixOnABudget! Financial health can be yours! You can live a debt-free life, vibrantly on a budget!

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