Ways to Cut School Supply Costs

Back to school tips…

This is a pricey time of year when kids are going back to school…but here are four tips to help cut some of the extra costs:
1. Consider buying the kids’ clothing, especially if they are required to wear a uniform from companies like Lands’ End which guarantee their clothing (don’t forget to check sites like RetailMeNot for great additional coupons). If my son wears through the knees of his pants prematurely, they accept returns, no questions asked. You may pay slightly more upfront but with the ability to return the clothing, you will likely save considerably.
2. At the end of the school year, often children are sent home with their backpacks full of their partially used school supplies. Save them, and use those to count towards satisfying the requirements of the new school year’s supply list when it comes out.
3. Do your kids need new glasses for the school year? Costco might be one of the cheapest places to both get an eye exam as well as buy kids’ glasses. Also, the membership is guaranteed. So if you don’t find their prices the best and no longer wish to shop at Costco, they will cancel and refund you the membership fee.
4. I used to spend a lot on dry cleaning costs, including for my children’s clothing. Buy an iron. If you have the luxury of whisking their clothes out of the dryer as soon as it buzzes, all the easier the ironing will be. Remember, it’s those little costs like dry cleaning that can add up on the credit card statement each month. And again, you CAN be debt free in Southern California! You can! Just make small adjustments each month….for more ideas on adjustments you can make on monthly bills and expenses….

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