Think Outside the Box All the Way to Rome….

We went to Rome as a family of six a couple months ago…and paid cash for the trip.

A couple money saving/making tips:

  1. Amazon Trade In – do you have old text books or video games you want to have Amazon buy from you? You can do just that for select items. Just type in the ISBN marked on any book or video game and Amazon will accept or decline purchasing it from you. If Amazon decides to buy from you, it’ll send you a postage already paid form to print and you ship it in for Amazon credit!
  2. Got too much stuff in your garage? Start selling it on apps like OfferUp. So easy to use!  I’ve sold hundreds of items in a couple months time using this app.
  3. Check your credit card statements – are there any apps or services on there that you don’t use? Cancel them! When I got serious about our budget I did just this, and saw we were spending way more than we’d realized on couple-dollars-here and couple-dollars-there apps that we didn’t really need. Something I like asking myself about silly charges like that is, do I want this app or do I want a family vacation? Okay, cancel that app!  😀 (Some apps are here to stay for us like YouTubePremium at Christmastime. We love carols without ads and that’s worth the additional cost for that time of year.)

Lots more ideas soon….and in the meantime, ideas to save money in expensive Southern California. 

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