The Down Low on Referrals, Coupons and Rebates

Referrals and opportunities for cash back can be easy ways to make/save money…

Cash Back Options

Ebates is a free browser extension that offers you cash back on most things you purchase online, including Amazon, Target, travel sites, etc.

I had some eBay cash to use up before today, so I got out of print Family Circus comic books for my kids’ stocking stuffers, and not only could I use the eBay voucher, but cashback from ebates worked as well. What a neat system! Use my referral link to get $10 off your first purchase of $25.

Coupons Online

Coupons can be effortless. The free Honey browser extension collects coupons for what you’re shopping for as you shopUse my referral link here to start using Honey today.  It saved me $153 on my kids’ school clothes this year. It brought online coupons to me as I shopped online – I didn’t need to do any searching for them or trying to see if the coupon would apply correctly for the items I wished to purchased. Honey saved me so much time and money.


Gyms and club memberships are great places to begin asking about referral perks. My gym, the YMCA, offers one free month membership for anyone who refers someone to the YMCA. For a number of months in a row, I didn’t pay my monthly gym membership fee because other people were signing up.

Win win – my friend begins a healthier lifestyle at a gym I sincerely love, sometimes we even get to work out together, and I get a free month’s membership.


Wine rebates. My husband and I drink wine with nearly every dinner. We have switched to jug wine, except for special occasions. Jug wine often has coupons and rebates. I was getting wine for dirt cheap and not having to give up that little luxury of wine with dinner.

As the financial guru Dave Ramsey says, “Be normal and be broke, or be weird” and grow your wealth!

Rebates, coupons, referrals and cashback are all “weird” but simple ways to save money!

You can do this! Be weird with me!

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