Reduce 7 Monthly Bills Today

It’s easy to spend money on bills that give us little in return. But you can spend a couple of hours today and reduce monthly bills that are draining your checking account. Often, all you need to do is ask.

Call every company that you pay a monthly bill to and say, “I don’t like the cost of this bill; what can you offer me?” This has worked for me with my internet provider, my cell phone provider, my electricity provider, EVEN Amazon.

It might sound silly, but as Dave Ramsey is famous for saying, “you can be normal and broke or you can be weird and wealthy.”

Try these 7 tips to reduce your monthly bills today.

1. Your Internet Provider

This one’s especially easy. I reduced it from $80 something/month down to $60 something/month. Two weeks later I called back and said, I still don’t like this amount. It’s down to $48/month and they said to call back soon as they will likely have better promotions to reduce it even further. Note: this in no way lessened the quality, amount, or speed of the services I was receiving

You can do this!

2. Cell Phone Provider

I didn’t need as much data as I was paying for, so I reduced that and got a cheaper plan as a result.

Net 10, our cell phone provider, made it really easy. Their-pay-as-you-go model helps you avoid getting locked into contracts, and they’re super flexible too. In fact, we like them so much we became an affiliate. If you’re considering getting a new cell phone provider, consider Net 10 and use this link to get free shipping on your phone.

Net10 Cell Phone Service

Why pay each and every month for something you don’t need or want?

3. TV

We don’t use a TV service. But I did cancel Netflix after I realized with just a little bit of prep, I could rent most movies from the library system. (If you’re not ready to cancel Netflix entirely, you can save a couple dollars each month by reducing it from High Definition to Standard Definition.)

4. Amazon Prime

I have been a die hard Amazon Prime member since it’s been around. However, I contacted Amazon on their Live Help Chat. I said, I’d like to cancel my Prime Membership and I’d like the remaining months of the year refunded. They said, no problem! Three days later I had the remaining $53.55 back in my account. Then one week later, I went to buy my daughter’s eye patches on Amazon and when I went to check out, they offered me a student rate. I wrote to them and said, I am not a student, but I’m getting offered the student rate. They said, yes, you may have the first six months of Prime for free and then six months from now you will be charged $6.49 per month if you wish to continue!

5. The Electric Company

The woman who answered the phone walked me through all the different plans they offer and what would likely be the best fit for my lifestyle, family size, habits, etc. She told me which plans were risk free (first year guaranteed, etc) and which weren’t. She told me the differences in price projections over the next year according to what she was seeing was our current usage, etc. It was really helpful.
Have you called and seen which plans they offer? Some are time of day plans. As long as I don’t use my dishwasher and dryer between 4-9PM I save considerably! I opted for a plan based on time of day usage. It saved me a lot.
(Also, there’s an additional discount for Californians and some Texans and I think some people in New Mexico and Arizona. This free service is great, and you get instantaneously a free $10 Target gift card just for signing up. It’s free, no pressure to participate. We’ve saved about $45 per month on our electricity by using it. OhmConnect has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. OhmConnect offers energy savings through an app connected to the utility company – you get a $10 Target gift card just for trying it out and I get referral points. Win/win. 

6. Apps

Do you listen to audio books, podcasts, music, YouTube premium? We canceled Audible and use the free app Libby instead. We canceled Spotify, and use the free version of Spotify. We canceled YouTube Premium (though we’ll go back to that for the month we listen to Christmas carols as a family).

7. Gym membership

First, are you using it? If not, cancel it. If you use it, ask if they have a referral bonus. Mine does. If you refer a person to the YMCA and the person mentions that you’re the one who did it, you get a free month. I won’t be able to use the gym much for this month, so to avoid the monthly membership fee (about $70 for the family for all the YMCAs in my county), they have a $10 charge for the month. I can call and put the hold on the membership for a $10 fee, instead of canceling the membership and then becoming a member again next month and having to endure the joining fee which is a lot higher than $10.

Each bit of savings counts….

Life debt free is a beautiful thing! You can do this!

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