Pay Off Student Loans Fast – here’s a way…

Two weeks after I graduated from the University of Minnesota, I got married.

I got married young. Moved to Asia. Got pregnant with our first child. Fast forward to the next year, we moved back to the States, got pregnant with our daughter. During that pregnancy is when I started selling books on eBay from when my husband had been in college. From selling books I moved to selling pre-owned designer clothing.

Doing it around kids’ nap times and potty training schedules and my daughter’s medical appointments (they were nearly daily those first couple years), within two years, I’d paid for fun stuff, like small day trips, eating out, weekend vacations and paid off my student loans. We were debt free and have remained so ever since.

I remember the first semester of college looking at my savings account and realizing that eating a corn bread muffin in the cafeteria might feel fun and make me feel like I was an adult that didn’t have Cheerios any more for breakfast, but my savings account definitely looked like a child’s at the end of that semester. Pack a lunch, pack a lunch, pack a lunch. If an average fast food meal out costs $5-7 each time, at the end of that 5 day work week…$25 X 4 weeks in a month…you do the math, and imagine the credit card statement total being the amount of increase in your bank account instead each month.

Does that visualization help with motivation to stick with those small self-denials? How else do you stay motivated? 

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