One Grocery Store Twice a Week to Feed Six for a MONTH for $233

One Grocery Store Twice a Week to Feed a Family of Six for a MONTH for $233 and we’re eating tastier food than ever!

First clarifications,

Myth: I go to a bunch of stores many times a week.

Fact: I go to one store two or three times a week. They’re fast stops, in and out to grab what’s on clearance for produce and meats and to replenish milk.

Myth: I go to a bunch of stores throughout the month to achieve these savings.

Fact: I go to one store (with the occasional exception perhaps once a month of stopping in somewhere else)

Myth: I cut coupons.

Fact: actually, rarely do I cut coupons. Yes, I do generally download the coupons that match the Kroger chain store I go to most. It’s on my phone so it’s fast and no scissors involved. Especially as on Fridays, my local Kroger store gives away entirely free one item.

Myth: Savings like this takes a lot of my time.

Fact: No, not at all.

Two or three quick grocery store stops per week has saved our family $1267/month. 

My pantry is one small bookcase in my garage, but it works! It works to hold all the pasta that was discontinued for 38 cents/pound and the cans of red sauce that were either discontinued or clearanced because they had a cosmetic dent on the side, etc. It’s not a large space, but it’s filled pretty well, and each time I run to the store for milk or produce, I take a quick glance down the non perishable aisle to see if there are any items on steep sale, clearance or close out special.

In my grocery store, the deli meats are clearanced in one area along with specialty cheeses. There is another section or two for meat, another for bakery items and another for produce. If you think your store doesn’t have a clearance area (you’re not alone, many people shop at their grocery store for years and never notice them or only notice the holiday section one), give your grocer a call and ask what time they clearance their items and where they are located within the store. My store clearances their meat and fish at 8AM and for me that’s the most important part to save on as we eat meat most every night, except Fridays.

One more thing that saves is getting the ice cream in the gallon. Compare the prices of those to the smaller containers (even off brand) and it should be a steep savings. We do desserts twice a week now. Also, after any holiday, the candy and treats appropriate to that holiday are clearanced 75-90% off. I put those in a bowl in my cupboard and when we’re wanting something sweet or are hard pressed for a dessert idea, we go to the “Halloween basket”.

We started at $1500/month to feed this family of six in notoriously expensive southern California. We now spend $233/month and are eating tastier than ever.

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  1. Ellie Kagey says:

    This is AMAZING!

    1. Thank you so much! I love hearing from readers.

  2. Samantha says:

    What grocery store do you shop at? My local Safeway doesn’t appear to have discounts like these, but I will definitely be calling them. Thanks for the super helpful info!

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