Being On a Budget – What That Means

Being on a budget – does that mean I have to say no?

Yes and no.

Does it mean we rarely drink beer which is generally more expensive than the table wine we now have at dinner? Yes, it does. Does it mean we’ve had to say no to wine at dinner? No, it doesn’t. (It also means that on the occasions we spoil ourselves and grab a case of beer, we savor and enjoy it like we never did before. 🙂 )

Especially when a family can come together in pursuit of a goal, these decisions don’t have to be painful. Short term self-denials or detours or delays on our wishes, yes, but long term goals and even still some short term luxuries can happen. For example, cooking from scratch has proved to save us so much money on meals….and the short term luxury is that they taste WAY better than the more expensive, fast(er) food options.

When we would budget in the past, it would be for retirement. That’s all fine and dandy, but some shorter term goals and wins like family travels (or whatever it is that motivates you) has certainly spurred on my passion for budgeting.

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