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A little bit about me –

I’m a wife and also a stay at home mom of four in stunningly gorgeous and notoriously expensive southern California.


I’ve never had credit card debt. We have credit cards, but we pay them off in full each month.

I did come into our marriage with some student debt, but paid that off in the first couple years of marriage, while I was busy birthing two babies 16 months apart, by selling clothing on eBay.


I traveled a lot when I was younger, and thought that after travels to and from Japan when my first was little, my international traveling days would be on hold until retirement. Little did I realize that, with my financial goals and dreams clearly in the forefront of my mind, some self-discipline to live below our means – meaning we live on less than we make (despite not making a salary of the rich or famous), we could make our dreams come true.

How We’ve Done It

If we say NO to the things we want NOW, so that we can say YES to the things that matter MOST, like travel as a family of six, a vibrant, beautiful life can be ours, while on a budget.

Living on a budget does NOT mean dreary living! It means having the knowledge and tools to achieve what matters most.
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