My Kids (or Some of Them) Are in School, Now How Can I Make Money?

Being a Mom – Balancing Nurturing and Working

I have four kids. We live in expensive-cost-of-living/outrageously beautiful Southern California.

I love both of those facts about my life but they’ve made me ponder – what can I do? How can I contribute to the monthly income and budget?
Three of my kids are in school this year, and I have a toddler still home with me, and he’s my priority for how the day goes, but around his needs, when he naps, etc. there are ways I can make money.


A penny saved is a penny earned. Be a steward of the funds already coming in! For me, one of the most important and motivating things to do is write every single item down that you spent that day. Every.Single.Night.
I keep an Excel spreadsheet, and every night, I write down what my husband and I spent that day. (Next time I’m about to buy that coffee that I don’t need, I think of typing it in that night in red font. With that thought in my mind, I’ll pass on that coffee; thank you very much!)


Do you know anyone who says I have way too much space in my garage? Or too much space in my closet? Me either. Sell the excess. What you don’t use or would be easy/cheap to replace should you need it in the future, sell. OfferUp and Craigslist are two easy ways to sell pretty much anything and fast! 

Earning More

The way I paid off my student loans, with two kids 16 months apart, one having daily medical needs, was selling on eBay! It was so adjustable to my schedule, my needs, my preferences. I cannot recommend that enough. It’s not a glamorous thing, but it makes money. 
Bonus idea:   Food! Have you gone through your credit card statements and calculated all the entries that are food related – whether eating out or grocery shopping? I bet it adds up to even more than you realize. You can change this….here are some tips how.
Don’t forget other less conventional ways of making money like pet sitting, house sitting, dog walking, babysitting, teaching ESL to children in China via VIPKid, and many more ways!

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