4 More Proven Ways to Save on Groceries….

  1. Coupons – how many posts have I made on this blog before I’ve come to this word….we think papers and scissors and clutter and mess and time consumption. But think again. I don’t use coupons often (Personally, I found couponing made me spend more….I was seeing advertisements for stuff all day long that I didn’t need – the ads came in the form of coupons, but they were still have an “ad effect” on me.), but when I do, I do it passively. I download my top grocery stores’ apps onto my phone and they alert me for big sales. For example, I shop at Sprouts for much of my produce and the other day my phone buzzed with an alert for $10 off $60 worth of groceries purchased. Great. I went and bought some massively discounted bulk bags of coffee there and some drastically reduced chicken. Never had to touch paper or scissors.
  2. It wouldn’t be a budgeting blog without mentioning sites like Ibotta. They seem a bit gimmicky to me. But easy to use while otherwise waiting in the lobby at the dentist or something. Take a picture of a receipt and get paid for it is the gist of it.
  3. Also some grocery store apps have free giveaway Fridays where they offer free, no purchase necessary items once a week or $10 off coupons for being a loyal customer, etc.
  4. Some grocery stores will pay 5 points towards gas discounts for each grocery bag you bring with you and you use.

Other ways to slash your bills and save every month….

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