I Paid Off My Student Loans FAST While Being a SAHM

I paid off my student loans FAST

I sold used designer clothing on eBay, became debt free, and never looked back.

My husband and I have been married for 12 years; we’ve had four children in that time. Only the first two years of marriage we had debt. And we paid it off by selling on eBay around the times the kids napped or after they went to bed at night. We’ve been debt free ever since. Ebay has been a wonderful opportunity for me as a stay at home mom to bring in an extra income.

Here are five tips how to get started today….

1. What to Sell

I started selling my husband’s old text books and CDs. (Now I know it is easier and more profitable to sell those on the Amazon Trade In program.) I also sold clothing my children had grown out of. This was to start selling, making money, without having to pay money for any inventory.

2. The Importance of Reviews

The first 10 (even better, the first 100) customer reviews are so important. Once you have those reviews, new customers will feel more at ease trusting you enough to buy from you and you can charge more for your items. At first, you’re not selling to make huge profits as much as get those first 10 reviews.

3. What You’ll Need (Packing Supplies)

You’ll need mailers/envelopes/packages/boxes. You might have some of those around the house. In the very beginning, you can even save money and use the packages you’ve received your own Amazon orders in. Also, the items (those over 16 ounces) you’ll be shipping via Priority Mail with the USPS and the USPS has all those supplies for FREE on USPS.com

4. How to Acquire Inventory

I started after books, selling children’s clothing from garage sales in upscale neighborhoods, but the real money makers were high end designer men and women’s clothing I would get at garage sales or estate sales. estatesales.net is a great place to start. (After estate sales where I could buy entire closets’ full of clothing, I wrote to consignment stores in high end areas, and asked if they’d sell in bulk for cheap the clothes they weren’t able to sell in a timely way. This was a particularly convenient way to make money, especially when I was up to having four children at home with me and time was tight.)

5. Shipping

Offer free shipping. It boosts your items in eBay search results. Just be sure to stay on time with getting them shipped. If you don’t care to go to the post office every day, you can schedule free USPS pick ups from your house. Very convenient! (To print your postage at home, you’ll need a printer, tape and (this is an affiliate link; I’ve personally used this scale for years and it works great!I highly recommend it:) an inexpensive scale – you can get them on Amazon for under $20. Printing your postage at home on eBay also gives you a discount on the postage.
This is such a doable and exciting venture! I paid off all my student loans (I have a nursing certification, an Associate’s degree and a Bachelor’s degree) while staying home with little ones, one of whom needed daily doctor appointments. This is doable and was so rewarding financially for me!
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You can do this!

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