How to Have Fun for Free with Kids

Three ideas for how to have fun with kids for free:

  1. Many public libraries RENT museum admission tickets. That means that expensive children’s museum your kids love can be attended for free. (But don’t forget to remember hidden costs like: do you have to pay for parking? Remember to pack snacks or lunches from home, so you’re not stuck paying the exorbitant prices of the museum’s cafe.)
  2. Google free activities nearby. It’s surprising how many things are going on around you that you’ve either forgotten about or you’ve never heard about. When we first moved to San Diego, my kids and I tackled a list I found on the internet called 400 Things to Do For Free With Kids in San Diego. It was a blast!
  3. Make your own treasure hunt to do with your kids on paths around your home, on a bike ride, while walking the mall….play the alphabet game in the mall, til you end up at See’s Candies where they generously and warmly give out free whole samples of candies to children and adults alike.        And one more bonus idea….
  4. Remember that certain days museums have free admission. Call and find out which those are. The other day, I took the kids for a train ride and the conductor said we could take a ride for free. So much fun!

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