How To Get Started… And Stay Motivated To Save Money

Two favorite things that have worked consistently for us to keep debt free for nearly a decade (we were married in 2007 and have had four children):

  1. Write down everything, every single day, that you spend. Setting a reminder on your phone alerting you to be sure to write down what was spent that day is helpful. In a few days, it’s a habit to record each amount spent. I write it down every night on an Excel spreadsheet.
  2. Ask what do we HAVE for dinner (as you look around the pantry and kitchen); don’t ask, what do we *want* for dinner? This one switch in questions saves us so much $$! (Here’s how we went from spending $1500/month on groceries to $233/month on groceries for our family of 6…)

You can be debt free! You can do this!  One small step in the right direction at a time!


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