Cash Flowing Paris As a Family of Six

When we were in Rome recently as a family of six for vacation, we said, the next European trip we take as a family will likely be in 4 to 5 years.

On June 4, 2018 we started a challenge. We said, how much can we save each month and move that trip up closer?

A couple of the rules we made: we can’t touch our current savings; we can’t touch investments, etc. BUT if we do two things,

  1. Put equal amounts of new savings each month into our retirement (and max out our retirement contributions)
  2. And put a matching amount into new savings, then when we reach double the amount we want for our family’s trip to Paris (or Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic which are also on the list as a possible destination),

then we can move the date up for that trip to whenever is convenient for our family. Less than three months later, we’re there! We reached our goal!

I’ll elaborate in upcoming posts on all the small and large ways we changed how we spend money each month (pssst, primarily it was on groceries – yet we still eat delicious food, and many other ways too, even how I do the laundry, I’m saving *so* much on laundry! Tell you how in a later post….)

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