How Can Food Get You to France…

A couple ideas on saving on food (so you can spend that money on something more unforgettable like European travels as a family)….

  1. Meal plan. (Make a list of 7 meals for the coming week – leaving probably one night for leftovers. We’re Catholic and don’t eat meat on Fridays generally, so we do a non-meat meal that night. Think of meals that you either have ingredients already for, (defrost ahead of time as necessary), or make a pile of the flyers or open tabs on the computer of the grocery stores you conveniently can stop at and see what’s on sale this week that will work in your meal plans.
  2. Don’t be ashamed of “filler” ingredients to stretch a meal a bit more – by that I mean, incorporating rice or noodles or potatoes which can really satisfy for cheap. Instead of serving strips of chicken, put those strips of chicken over garlic/butter noodles, and you’ll need to serve so much less chicken than otherwise.
  3. Call your local grocery store(s) and ask what time they clearance their meat and bakery items each day.  I can get meat that’s $8.99 or $10.99 per pound for 99 cents per pound instead! I recently purchased 27 pounds of bacon – normally $7.49 per pound for 99 cents/pound. Nothing wrong with the meat, just misordered or going to be discontinued or close to its Best Buy Date, so either cook it or freeze it promptly if the clearancing is happening because of the last option.

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