Frugal Fashion Including Ferragamo…You Can Have It All…

….well maybe not all, but yes; yes, you can have a fashionable wardrobe on a tight budget. I’m not about to give up designer labels and silk fabrics just because I’m on a budget and like living debt-free.

Somewhere along the line, a notion sprung up which was to be frugal, one must look shabby.

Let me tell you some of my ideas on how you can be frugal and look brilliant:

  1. I paid off my student loans years ago by selling clothing I bought at estate sales and garage sales on eBay. Now places like Poshmark and thredUp are better alternatives. But it’s a great way to make money, while also being able to acquire amazing labels without forking over huge amounts of money. Wear it a time or two, then sell it. You’ve gotten to wear a gorgeous item, for cheap, plus you made money on it in the end by selling it.
  2. Consignment stores in exquisite neighborhoods allow you to wear beautiful items without spending the formidable prices for the same item at a retail store or online. (Again, I recommend after you’re through wearing it, sell it and often for more than the consignment store was asking for it.)
  3. Also, the Honey app is free and gathers all the online coupons available while you shop online and notifies you at checkout of the coupons available. You can accept them. It’s a free service and even works on AMAZON! It saved me $153 on my kids’ school clothing alone this fall.  Click here for my referral code.

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