Five Ways to Find Extra Money Today

Five Ways to Find Extra Money Today

So you’ve rounded up your old electronics you no longer use and which have cracked screens, and you’ve sent them in to Decluttr to make some money.

You’ve been selling stuff that’s been in boxes in your garage and attic on OfferUp and LetItGo.

You’ve called your monthly bills like internet provider, cell phone provider, cable provider and canceled what you can and asked for reductions in cost on the ones you’re not wanting to cancel.

You’ve unregistered from Netflix and Hulu, and are saving money by renting movies and TV episodes from your public library.

You’ve bought a clothesline to save on the cost of running your dryer for the big bulky blankets and bedding.

(Here are more ideas on how to save on laundry.)

You’ve decluttered so much that you have less need for a housekeeper and have been able to let that service go.

Now what? What are some new ways you haven’t yet thought of to save:

Nix the babysitter

For date nights, do you have a friend who also has children, with whom you could swap babysitting? You babysit one time a month for them and they do it in exchange for you as well.

Switch from paid apps

Cancel apps that you pay for and find free equivalent ones. Audible is what we had been paying for, but happily switched to Libby by the suggestion of a friend.


Walk other people’s dogs. If you post about it in your neighborhood, you won’t even need to waste money on gas driving to the person’s house.  Rover is an app that helps coordinate this for you.

House sit

Advertise with your neighbors that if they’re going out of town to consider you to live-in house sit or simply pick up the mail, water their gardens, etc. for them while they’re away. (Also, investigate offering space in your home on AirBNB).


Buy a $14 thermos on Amazon and ditch both the expensive coffees from cafes as well as the costly-over-time disposable travel coffee cups from bulk stores and instead reuse the same coffee carrier every day.

Happy saving! Financial discipline takes effort and sacrifice, but it is also freeing!
You can do this! You can be a steward of your own life! One small, yet significant step at a time!

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