Do You Want to Look Like a Millionaire or Be One?

Reading Chris Hogan’s page this morning, and his question got me thinking about “Do you want to look like a millionaire or be an #EverydayMillionaire?”

I write this blog as a mom of four, living in notoriously expensive southern California. In California, cars are loved a lot. And that’s great. But it’s been surprising to see how often when the question gets asked, “what would you do if you didn’t have a car payment?” the response is one of scoffing and derision as though a car payment, car debt is a given, is a foregone, unavoidable conclusion.

People often say, a used car can nickle and dime you til it’s the same cost as buying a new vehicle. But does a used car really cost $500/month in repairs each and every month for years and years? Are there other ways you’d rather spend or save that monthly amount?

Which additional costs are there in our lives because we’re determined to look wealthy rather than be wealthy? Let’s change the way we think about being debt free, living frugally and fully.

When someone says they can’t afford something, it may not mean they don’t have the money for it, but rather that they choose a different way of spending their money, or are choosing a different way of investing their money, and not strictly that they don’t have the money, they may just not have the money for that because they prioritize it for something else.

As Dave Ramsey says, “Normal is broke. Be weird.”

Bonus tip:  Learn something new every day!
I had no idea a person could buy out of a vehicle’s warranty. I called the dealership where we bought our Honda Odyssey and said, I’ve heard I could buy out of a warranty. They said yes, fill out a piece of paper which they emailed to me. Now we have a nearly $900 check coming our way in 10 days!
I didn’t know this was a thing people did until I started doing research for my posts for

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