Declutter and Save Money in All These Ways

Three ideas:
1.  Would you rather have clutter or a trip to France?  
In one month’s time I had enough money saved for a roundtrip ticket on Norwegian Airlines to go from Los Angeles, California to Paris, France! This is how:
Decluttering has allowed me to cancel my weekly housecleaner. My house has stayed cleaner with so much less effort (I have four children, so it’s always an effort, but still!). That’s $60/week – $240/month saved!
2. When you can’t find something, do you want to waste a ton of time looking for it or do you opt for replacing it quick and fast with Amazon’s next day delivery?
This would happen a lot for example with my husband’s haircutting clippers. We’d not be able to find the right sized attachments and be tempted to buy another $14 clippers. Justifying it thinking, that’s still cheaper than a haircut at a salon.
But what if I’d just decluttered and had a system! Now all the attachments to the four different hair clippers are in a long basket housed on a table in our bathroom. No more buying replacements for misplaced household items!
(Same thing with the bike pump needle! Tape it to the bike pump! You won’t won’t need to waste money replacing it.)
3. I rented a few GREAT decluttering books from the library to help guide and motivate me when I began. I wanted to turn the garage into a play space when the kids had friends over. Yes, I sold a LOT (check out apps like OfferUp or LetItGo – I’ve sold literally hundreds of items on there); I also donated a lot, and threw stuff away. Two books were favorites during this process….
“What’s a Disorganized Person to Do – 317 Tips and Ideas” and “Clear the Clutter – Find Happiness”
You can do this! Decluttering feels so good!
When my dresser drawers aren’t jammed and I have breathing room in my closet, it’s like an exhale. I love exhaling!

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