Money Savers’ Checklist

Ways to Cut and Save in the Monthly Budget

Sometimes it can seem everything that can be cut has been cut, but here are some ways you might not have done yet.
The surprising thing for us was that our quality of life didn’t suffer much at all from the cuts we’ve made in order to save more.
(If you’re looking specifically for ways to cut on the grocery budget, click here. We went from spending $1500/month on groceries to $233/month for our family of six.)

I have taken special care to choose and share ideas that our family has used! Just so you know SixOnABudget does have affiliate relationships with some of the links shared, meaning that if you buy something through these links, we may get a tiny compensation.

Some Ways We’ve Cut That You Can Too

Audible app – $15/month (switched to a free app called Libby)

Netflix – $9.99/month (you can get a few dollars off that monthly amount if you switch from high definition to standard definition)
We now rent our entertainment from the library for free. (We’ve never had cable or TV service any time while we’ve been married.)

Internet – I’ve called to request the monthly bill be reduced. Between two phone calls, it is now $34/month less than it had been.

Travel – For more space and less cost, visit our affiliate link here. We rented an apartment that was listed on Booking when we traveled as a family of six (and met our nanny there, so there was a total of 7 us) in Rome, Italy. We needed extra space at the best price and the best location. Click here to visit the site that found all that for us – we’re going to use them again next time we travel!

Internet Modem – Many people are paying $11/month to rent their modem. You can get one for under $50 if you buy this Motorola model. (Notice: this is an affiliate link) We’ve used this model for five years without any problems and love it!

Ibotta – Ibotta is a free app you can use to redeem offers by taking a photo of your receipt. We’ll match the items you bought to the offers you selected and give you the cash!
Click on our affiliate link here to start being paid today to buy what you’d already be buying any way!   (Just remember before choosing Ibotta to be aware that it is a free app, but you’re going to be scrolling through a lot of images of food in order to find the deals and submit your receipt, so if that prompts you to buy more than you need, then this app might be more of a temptation to spend rather than a tool to save.)

Cell phone – we have used Net 10 for six years now, and have loved their service. I called recently and asked if they’d reduce my bill and they did. $8/month less. Here’s my referral link for Net10 should you care to get free shipping on your purchase of a phone through them, but you can use any unlocked phone.

Housecleaner – by purging and selling off excess *stuff*, I’ve found I no longer need a housecleaner each week. Saving $$$ every month. For other ways that purging stuff from your home and your garage can save you money, click here.

Ebates – get cashback on most purchases you would make online anyway. Give it a try! Click on this referral link and start today! 

Brave – advertisements can be looked at as temptations to spend.  The Brave browser is a free browser that allows you to search the internet just like you’d use Chrome or Firefox or Edge, but without the ads all throughout the article you’re reading.  Click this referral link to give it a try.

Babysitter – we have a dream babysitter, so I hesitate to cut her, but to emphasize the ability of date-nights-in after the kids have gone to bed has saved us $60/week for three weeks out of the month. We still use our wonderful babysitter frequently to go out for parties with friends sans children, but all the other times, we’re figuring out ways to enjoy date nights-in. (For budget friendly date ideas, click here.)

Email storage – I deleted excess emails and now save that $2/month instead

Work from Home – teaching English as a second language – VIPKids has such great reviews from their employees. Check it out. Good pay. Flexible hours. Convenient scheduling. I paid off my student loans by selling on eBay. Here’s how. 

Consignment Stores – Stores like Plato’s Closet for recent teen/college style clothing or other consignment shops in my area have been easy, convenient ways to get cash

A random app that I don’t even use, but must have signed up for on a free trial – canceled $12/month saved. I wouldn’t have seen it or known to cancel it except that I was closely examining my credit card statement. I recommend doing that often.

Taxes – Are you going to use TurboTax this year for help in filing your taxes? Click here for our referral link for a 20% TurboTax paid Federal product of your choice?

Opened an American Express savings account – by opening it and putting $10,000 in it for six months, we got $150 deposited into the account by American Express. Easiest $150 ever.

OhmConnect – $242 over a two month period. Odd way of making money – go green and get paid to by linking your electricity account to this free service here in California.
Click here to get your $10 instantaneously if you are a PG&E, SDG&E or SCE customer and by clicking on this referral link, I gain points too. Win/win.)

Amazon Trade In – this is selling TO Amazon (not ON Amazon) – using it to sell old text books and video games that have been gifted to us – I made $45 off my husband’s old college text book for example and $12 on a video game we were given but wouldn’t ever play (Other ways to save money that you might not have thought of, click here)

Children’s books – I’ve sold over 300 children’s books for 10 books for $1 (Other ideas for selling stuff from around your house click here.)

Amazon Prime – canceled Amazon Prime, they prorated me a refund for the membership, giving me $53. Then a week later they offered me a six month free Amazon Prime trial. For more ways to save on monthly bills, click here.

Gym membership – I referred a number of other families to the gym I love the most, and for each referral, they got the joining fee waived and I got my next month of membership free. For more ways to save via referrals, click here.

Gas – paying cash price for gas or with grocery reward points (for more ways to save regarding cars, click here)

Alcohol – drinking jug wine, using coupons and rebates or buying clearanced beer

Haircuts – giving my kids and husband haircuts instead of going to the salon (I even tried my hand at cutting my own hair and loved it – saved me $60+!)

Open swim – I took my kids swimming at the pool during the summer instead of taking swim lessons

Birthday gifts – think outside the box for the most thoughtful yet least expensive birthday gift ideas. Here’s a place to start.

Manicures and pedicures – canceling those, and actually letting the health of my nails improve

Laundry – hanging up towels and bedding rather than using the dryer (Click here if you want more money saving tips on laundry.)
Also, throwing out the cup that comes in the box of powdered detergent and using the appropriate sized kitchen measuring scoop so as not to overfill unnecessarily

Museums – renting free passes from our public library – for other ways to save money and have fun with kids, click here.

Holiday Frugal Gift Ideas – Here are some of our favorite gift ideas for the holidays. I have taken special care to choose and share gift ideas that our family personally has really loved and I hope yours will too! Just so you know SixOnABudget does have affiliate relationships with the links shared, meaning that if you buy something through these links, we may get a tiny compensation. Start here with these GREAT, FRUGAL gift ideas.

Honey App – shopping online with this browser extension looks at what you’re shopping for and while you shop finds coupons that apply to your items in your cart – saved me $153 on my kids’ school clothing alone this year
Feel free to click here for my referral link to install Honey.

I’d love to hear ways you’ve found to cut! Add them in the comments here or respond to this post in our Facebook page, by clicking here.