7 Not So Obvious Ways To Save Today

You cut cable TV; you reduced the cost of your internet and cell phone bills, you’ve reduced your electricity bill, but how about the smaller, less visible ways you can cut costs?

7 ideas around the house that extend the time between trips to the store:
1. Use cloth napkins, rather than disposable ones. Along those lines, save the plastic wear that comes often from fast food or To Go restaurants and pop them in your or your child’s lunch bag when you need a utensil.
2. Shaving gel. If you can’t find coupons to cut down the cost, how about using baby oil or coconut oil either of which can be found for less than shaving gel.
3. When cold and flu season comes around, instead of replacing Kleenex tissue boxes as my children dab their noses constantly, I have them use a handkerchief (fancy word for any cloth napkin you have a spare of) when they’re at home. Saves a lot of time picking up tissues around the house and it saves me having to replace the tissue boxes as frequently.
4. Allow your kids to hand wash your vehicle instead of splurging for $8 or more at the car wash. Your kids are happy and your vehicle looks great. (Or you can be lazy like me and simply skip the vehicle being washed at all.)
5. Gifts for my kids – one thing I do each month is give my daughter a gift for patching her eye. She eyepatches every single day and it’s tiresome but she doesn’t complain, so she gets a monthly gift. I got her a bike one time, I got her a paint set another time, but do you know which was her favorite gift she ever got? The make-up that I wasn’t going to use any more, that I would otherwise have thrown out. She cherishes that gift. Organizes and reorganizes the bottles and compacts. It was FREE yet it’s the one she still raves most about.
6. If you have children, do they have a million toys or books they don’t use, laying around, cluttering up your space? Why not sell them on OfferUp? I’ve sold in a few weeks over 300 children’s books (that my 4 kids were no longer reading). I’ve bundled them in bags of 10 for $1 each, and leave them on my doorstep, and people pick them up, leaving the cash under the mat. So easy! Declutters and makes a little spending or saving cash.
7. Honey the coupon saving app is worth installing for free! While you shop online, it searches for all applicable coupons for what you’re buying on any given site, including Amazon. It saved me over $150 on my kids’ school clothing on Lands’ End alone.

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