7 More Ways to Save

Seven More Ways to Save (Car Edition)


Gas for cars – here in southern California, my husband just filled up for over $4/gallon downtown. But there are places near us in the suburbs that are closer to $3.50/gallon. Paying attention to gas prices can save more than pocket change. (There are apps to find the cheapest gas near you or Google it while out and about) Remember there are many stations that give a price incentive for paying with cash. Bring cash!


Be sure the vehicle is as little weighted down as possible. We kept missing the person we were giving some free firewood to, and that weighs a vehicle down, causing poorer gas mileage. Get the wood out of the trunk!

Oil Change

Consider buying car risers/ramps for $40 on Amazon. Watch a couple YouTube videos and learn to change the oil in your own car. Also, Auto Zone and other chain stores happily recycle the used oil for free. (Be sure to compare the savings with coupons for oil changes vs. time involved on this one. Sometimes it’s a big savings, but often it can be a better deal to find a coupon and go that route.)

Fully Inflate Tires

Keep your tires inflated. Properly inflated tires get your car better gas mileage. Places like Discount Tire do this for free, no appointment necessary.

Car Repair

People often say, a used car can nickle and dime you til it’s the same cost as buying a new vehicle. But does a used car really cost $500/month in repairs each and every month for years and years? (For other ideas on buying cars, click here.)


Call the dealership where you purchased your vehicle and see if there are any additional warranties that you may not be interested in keeping. I recently called the dealership where we bought our Honda Odyssey van, and there was a warranty that I asked them to close out. I filled out a form, confirmed the mileage on our vehicle and scanned a copy of our title to them and they will have a prorated check to us in 10 days.

Sinking Funds

Don’t forget to be saving throughout the year, so when car registration, new tabs and plates, the smog test, etc. come due, you’re ready. You’ll be ready with cash for that. It’s not a surprise that registration comes around on a predictable schedule.
Save throughout the year, so it doesn’t yank your budget around and make you discouraged when that bill comes due. You’ll be ready. (Just like Christmas, it comes around every year. It’s not an emergency; it’s not a surprise. Be prepared. For other Christmas saving ideas, click here.)
You can do this! You can find ways to save in all the nooks and crannies of your life!

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