5 Ways to Save on Laundry Today

  1. Obviously, hang up the bedding, blankets, and towels whenever possible to allow the other clothes to dry faster (read, cheaper) in the dryer.
  2. I threw away the laundry scoop in my Tide powder laundry box and got a kitchen measuring cup for the *actual* recommended detergent size amount to be used. The Tide-provided cups are very oversized and we tend to fill them up higher than is needed.
  3. Yes, powder still seems, even after most coupons and sales, to be the consistently cheapest form of laundry detergent. The pods are generally the priciest.
  4. Using cold water for most loads works great, and keeps the water heater from having to use unnecessary energy.
  5. My kids cut each dryer static sheet in half. Half the size does the work just as effectively and the box now lasts twice as long.

More ideas on SO MANY THINGS and here are ideas to save on utilities….

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