4 Monthly Bills to Slash Now…

Bills to reduce –

  1. Your internet provider – call or LiveChat with them on their website and ask them for a less costly monthly bill.
  2. Your cell phone plan – are you paying for more data than you actually use? Compare prices online. We use Net10 and love it. Cheap, great service.
  3. Call your utilities companies and ask what plan would be better for you? They can walk you through your lifestyle and tell you which plan will fit better for you. I’m currently on a time of use plan with electricity and it saves a lot – primarily, I only need to avoid running the dishwasher and dryer between 4-9PM. Easy savings!
  4. Ask your gym if they have a way you can keep your gym membership but at a lower cost. Likely they’ll find a way. Remember, it’s cheaper for them to *keep* you as a customer than to acquire a new one. They want to keep you! Name your price. 

You can be debt free, even living in expensive, beautiful Southern California!

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