3 Ways to Think Outside the Box and Save Big

Here are three slightly unconventional ways to save.
1. Need a haircut every six weeks? Not comfortable cutting it yourself (I did this for the first time this month and couldn’t have been happier with my self-given, free hair cut)? Check out a beauty school near you. You can often get a haircut for a fraction of the cost. When I was dating my husband, we met up in Virginia, and all I wanted was to have someone straighten my hair. I found a beauty school and they did it for a few dollars, which would have cost $30 + tip at the other salon nearby.

2. Have you checked with the dealership where you bought a vehicle? My husband and I are not the types generally to spring for warranties. But we got one when we bought our Honda van; the only way we knew that was because we got the idea into our head to call and ask. I called, and with three simple steps, which included printing and filling out a form, sending in the current mileage of the van and scanning a copy of the title, we got a fat chunk of change back, prorated, but still very satisfying.  (Here are more ideas along these lines.)

3. Have a few grocers in your area? Download their apps or if they don’t have an app, go to their web page and look at their deals. I am a big proponent of shopping at ONE grocery store and getting all that you need, to the best of your ability. BUT, like today, I had a bit of time to kill, and I wanted to check out a grocery store I’d not visited before.

I came across four great items that they were promoting for free, just for downloading the free coupons off their grocery store’s webpage. I walked out with all this for a total cost of $1.23 (because I bought the hot cocoa as stocking stuffers come Christmas time – it doesn’t expire until September of 2019 and it was on clearance today for $1.23)

Other grocery stores in my area have free items one day per week. Vons has theirs on Tuesdays. Fridays is Ralph’s (the Kroger chain store near my house). I do 99% of my shopping at Ralph’s, but IF I’m in the area of another store and it’s not going to add to gas expense, I might pop in to grab a free item or two.

These are out of the ordinary suggestions. They might feel odd, peculiar, even awkward at first. But what’s not awkward is living debt free! It can be done! You can do this!

As Dave Ramsey says, “You can be normal. But normal is broke. Be weird instead.”

Happy saving!

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