5 Small Ways to Saving More Each Month

  1. Borrow! If you need a steamer, see if a friend has one you can borrow to press your formal gown. If you want to blow your patio, see if a friend has a power blower, etc.

2. Download apps for free food. Recently my husband and I each got free desserts on three consecutive date nights out – a couple ideas: DQ offers a free Blizzard just for downloading their app, Krispy Kreme donuts does too and Baskin Robbins and many more. Great offers entirely free!

3. Use the same birthday decorations for more than one birthday or buy them at the Dollar Store (helium balloons which make such a fun gift are $1 there!)

You can do this! Savings come in big and small lumps….but the big and small all add up to great value – no saving is too small to make a difference.

4. Take vitamins to stay healthier, meaning less trips to the doctor (which requires costly copays)

5. Combine trips saves gas and wear on your vehicle. Driving more consciously (keeping in mind staying mostly under 60MPH, avoiding fast acceleration unnecessarily and combining trips has extended the time between fill ups for me by double.)

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