10 Ways Even a Kid Can Save Money Today….

I’m a mom of four kids and we’ve gotten each of them involved in saving money, (the littlest is simply involved in turning off lights – (here are other ideas on how to save money on electricity).

So, 10 good ideas how to make money from our ten year old:

  1. Focus on making money; not spending it. Don’t ask, what money can I spend but rather what money can I make or save?
  2. Sell collectibles (Legos, valuable Pokemon cards, comics…)
  3. Take short showers – save on the water bill. Turn off the sink’s water while brushing teeth.
  4. Reuse tupperware, instead of using disposable sandwich bags. Use cloth napkins and reuse rather than having to buy paper napkins again and again. Cut dryer sheets in half – they work just as well and now the box lasts twice as long.
  5. Don’t use the dryer for towels and bedding – hang to dry – save on the electricity bill.
  6. Use silverware to scrape plates – not water.
  7. Recycle. Reuse. Repurpose.
  8. Turn off lights when not in the room.
  9. Often giving a thoughtful card is just as appreciated as a pricey gift and it’s free.
  10. Play carefully with toys so they don’t get broken and need to be replaced.

“Live like no one else today, so you can live and give like no one else tomorrow.”
― Dave Ramsey

For other great ideas on how to save money fast….

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